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:: Municipal Corporation  VISAKHAPATNAM
The Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam was set up as early as in 1858. The Visakhapatnam municipality was formed in order to fulfill the basic infrastructural needs of the people of the city. 

The Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam is divided into a number of wards in order to facilitate its smooth functioning. The Visakhapatnam Municipality comprises 72 wards, with each ward choosing its councilor through secret ballot. Elections are held once every 5 years. The current Mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam is Pulusu Janardhana Rao while K Dorabbayi is the deputy Mayor. The municipality is responsible for the supply of clean water, proper sanitation, running of health centers, maintenance of parks and other recreational centers. 

The Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam is divided into two administrative wings: the Executive Wing and the Deliberative Wing. The Executive Wing is headed by the Commissioner, which is the premier post in the municipality. He is assisted by the additional commissioner and the heads of the different departments of the municipality. The Deliberative Wing is headed by the Mayor, ably supported by the Deputy Mayor. The councilors constitute this wing of the Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam. 

The Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam is divided into 10 departments. These are:
  • Revenue
  • Public Health
  • Water Supply and Sewerage
  • Town Planning
  • Engineering
  • Urban Community Development
  • Sports
  • Town Planning
  • Education
  • Horticulture
  • Information Technology
Besides these departments, the Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam also has a department that maintains the birth and death rates of the city residents and and issues necessary certificates. The municipality also regulates property tax and water tax, and issues trade licenses. 
Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (VMC) is now merged with Gajuwaka and other Panchatas to become Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation (GVMC). This stub page is left for archival purpose only.

Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (VMC) is a premier Municipal Corporation in Andhra Pradesh that primarily looks at the development of the Visakhapatnam City. The Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has been serving the public of Visakhapatnam since 1858 and has a long history.

The Corporation introduced Online Information service - Saukaryam - to enable residents of Visakhapatnam to make all their payments at select banks in the city. Saukaryam also allows them to file complaints, check the status of various projects being taken up by the Corporation.

The Saukaryam facility was largely developed by the Commissioner Mr. Sanjay Jaaju and Mayor Mrs. Rajana Ramani. Information Technology was put on the best use at the modern at the recently modified Corporation building which now looks like that of a Corporate office.

The official website of the Vizag Municipal Corporation has been provided below to have the proper utilization,
Contacting Commissioner

Municipal Commissioner Mr. N.Srikanth can be contacted direct on email at